Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Friendship is a strange thing .
We find 0urselves telling each 0ther .
The deEpest details of 0ur lives .
Things we d0n't even share with the families wh0 raised us .
But what is a FRIEND ?
A confidant ?

A sh0ulder t0 cry 0n ?
An ear t0 listen ?
A heart t0 listen ?
A heart t0 feel ?
A FRIEND is all these .
No matter where we met .
No matter h0w l0ng we've been t0gether .
I call y0u FRIEND . 
A w0rd s0 small , yet so large in feelings .
A w0rd filled with em0tion .
A w0rd 0verfl0wing with LOVE . 
Truly great things c0me in small packages .
Once the package 0f FRIENDSHIP is 0pened .
It can never be cl0sed .
It is a c0nstant b0ok waiting , 
Waiting to be read and enj0yed .
We may have 0ur disagreements .
We may have 0ur disapp0intment .
We may argued .
We may c0ncern 0ne an0ther .
B0nd that lasts thr0ugh all tribulations .
Appart of each of us goes into 0ur FRIENDSHIP is
0ur hum0r , 0ur experiences and 0ur tears . 
 FRIENDSHIP is f0undation, necessary f0r live & LOVE .
 You brought an0ther FRIEND and then we were three .
We started 0ur gr0up .
0ur circle 0f friend .
There is n0 begginig .
There is n0 END .


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